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Courtesy of Kotaku:

Normally when video game companies go into Internet name court to take over domains using their trademarks, they walk out a winner. So you’d think that Nintendo would be easily successful in the effort to get control of from a cybersquatter. You’d be wrong.

Astonishingly, Nintendo’s complaint before the World Intellectual Property Organization has been denied. The company was trying to get control of, which was registered back before even the Wii existed: Jan 13, 2004.

Since Jan. 13, 2004?  We barely knew about the Nintendo DS at that point, let alone the Wii.


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The current generation of ‘enablers’ won’t even know they own the IP… Here’s a true story.. When Rare was first bought by MS a group of execs came on a tour.. One of them noticed the Donkey Kong. ..Posters everywhere and said.. ‘Hey that’s great.. We own Donkey Kong right??’ ………/massivesigh

Many gamers argue that Rare was already making subpar games when Nintendo sold them off, but I’m not one of those gamers.  Conker’s Bad Fur Day was one of the last games Rare made for a Nintendo system, and it was fantastic.  I would say it’s one of the best games on the Nintendo 64.  I don’t know how anyone could objectively say that Microsoft has had any idea what to do with Rare since they bought them.  Last I heard, Microsoft had the once-mighty creators of Goldeneye 007 working on Kinect games.  Sad.

From Grasshopper Manufacture, the creators of Killer 7 and No More Heroes.

From IGN:

Xbox executive Albert Penello says flaunting hardware specs is “in some ways meaningless.”  Speaking to OXM about Sony’s hardware reveal, Penello says “The problem is that Sony decided to go and and publish a bunch of numbers,” which isn’t why customers buy new consoles.

Players want “to play great games and have great experiences. I feel like our games and experiences are going to be every bit as good, if not better, technically.”

Penello says of Sony, “As a matter of fact, they actually go out and they talk about how proud they are about their off-the-shelf parts,” The Microsoft senior director says. Penello proceeds to say, “Our guys’ll say, we touched every single component in the box and everything there is tweaked for optimum performance.”

For Penello, the conversation about which box has better technical guts isn’t “going to matter” because, as it was in the previous generation, “it’s a pointless argument because people are debating things which they don’t know about.”

I agree.  As consoles become more and more powerful, hardware specs are becoming less and less meaningful.  ‘Sega Does What Nintendon’t!’ and ‘Blast Processing!’ rhetoric doesn’t really cut it anymore.

And apparently at least one studio is interested in working with Kojima-san.

From IGN:

Yesterday, we reported on Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima expressing a desire to see the original game remade by a third-party using the Fox Engine. Today, a studio has thrown its hat into the ring for consideration.

In an open letter to Kojima, British developer Just Add Water has expressed a desire to work with the series’ creator to remake the game.

By way of credentials, JAW cites “experience working with legendary IP (Oddworld Inhabitants) and treating the subject matter with the respect it deserves,” along with having a team built of “huge Metal Gear fans, with very good knowledge of the source material” and the fact that everyone there “really, really want[s] to do it.”

There already has been a remake of the original Metal Gear Solid, made exclusive for GameCube, but that wasn’t using the Fox Engine.  I don’t think Kojima is going to be happy until all the MGS games look like Metal Gear Solid 5.