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This is an OK list.  A Pokemon RPG should have been in there somewhere I think.  Four Final Fantasy games and only one Dragon Quest game?  No Dragon Quest VI?  Does any Kingdom Hearts game deserve to be on a RPG list like this?

The list is no particular order as far as which one is better or the best.

*Final Fantasy VI (Super Nintendo, PlayStation, Game Boy Advance)

*Illusion of Gaia (Super Nintendo)

*Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete (Sega Saturn, PlayStation)

*Ni no Kuni (PlayStation 3)

*Phantasy Star IV (Sega Genesis, PC (Steam)

*Chrono Trigger (Super Nintendo, PlayStation, Nintendo DS)

*Persona 4 (PlayStation 2, PlayStation Vita)

*Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation, PC)

*Xenogears (PlayStation)

*The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (PSP)

*Earthbound (Super Nintendo, Wii U)

*Radiant Historia (Nintendo DS)

*Lufia 2 (Super Nintendo)

*Suikoden II (PlayStation)

*Super Mario RPG (Super Nintendo)

*Final Fantasy IX (PlayStation, PSN)

*Dragon Quest VIII (PlayStation 2)

*Final Fantasy Tactics (PlayStation, PSP, iOS)

*Kingdom Hearts II (PlayStation 2)


If you’re a gamer and reading this, you probably know the difference between the DS and the 3DS, and the difference between the 3DS and the newly announced 2DS.  The mainstream public (the same people and “experts” that like to constantly remind us how bad video games are when a tragedy occurs that has anything remotely to do with video games) do not.  Kotaku expertly points this out here.

I still think Nintendo should have gone with Super Wii instead of Wii U.  It worked with Super Nintendo.  There would be no confusion with the mainstream public over whether the Wii U is a different console than the Wii if they had.

Folks,  be ready to be amazed. Not shortly after Nintendo released the Nintendo 3DS, they have dropped another bombshell. It’s soon to be the age of the Nintendo 2DS.

Face it, 3D was so 2010. You know that, I know that, and certainly Nintendo knows that. That’s why we have been graced by this announcement. The Nintendo 2DS offers to provide the best that a 2D Dot Matrix can provide. While details are scarse, we are aware that New Old Super Mario Bros has been announced, and as a Mario fan, I am completely excited. More on this development as it arises. For now, rejoice at the news that 2D gaming is making a triumphant return to handheld gaming!


Nintendo has been quite about their lineup for this holiday since before E3.  It sounds like that may be changing with the deluge of news out today about the 3DS and Wii U.  It doesn’t sound like Nintendo is going to be content to let Microsoft and Sony grab all the headlines and sales for the rest of the year.

“It’s all about the games. The competitive systems have announced their launch lineups. I’m allowed to say ‘Meh,’” Fils-Aime said. “I look at our lineup of titles and I feel good about our lineup. We’ve got Zelda. We’ve got Mario. We’ve got Donkey Kong. In addition to great titles like Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101, I feel very good about our lineup, and I feel very good about the value proposition we’re putting out there for the consumer.”

“We’ve got cloud technology that we’re delivering with Wii U. Nintendo TVii is all cloud-based technology. But the difference is, we don’t talk about the tech. We talk about the experience. We make sure that the consumer has fun with the game experiences that we provide, “ Fils-Aime told IGN. “And so I think as you compare and contrast Nintendo with other players in the space, for us it’s about games, about the fun, about the entertainment value, and not about the tech.”