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Nintendo announces Pikmin 4 is almost completed. After having to wait nine years for Pikmin 3, Nintendo is telling us they’re now already almost done with Pikmin 4. That’s…..strange, but welcome. It makes you wonder why Nintendo took so long with Pikmin 3 and why it never was on the Wii. It would have been a perfect fit. I think the lack of games on Wii U played a part in getting Pikmin 4 out quickly, and I’m sure they had leftover ideas from Pikmin 3 that they wanted to use. The Wii U needs all the games it can get, so this is a good thing for Wii U owners.

And if Pikmin teams are always working on the next one like Miyamoto says, did it really take nine years for them to make Pikmin 3?


A hilarious response from Jimmy Kimmel to some from the gaming community insulting him and threatening him with death after he poked fun at them for watching other people play games on Twitch and YouTube. I love the gaming community and gaming culture, but many gamers out there are obnoxious and absolutely deserve to be mocked. Kimmel handled this perfectly: don’t get mad, just hold up a mirror to these clowns and show everyone what they’re like.

Personally, I don’t understand the fascination with watching others play video games either. Why watch others play games when you could be using that time to play your own video games? Gamers counter by saying that it isn’t any different than watching your favorite sports team play–but that’s a faulty argument. Watching an NFL team play football at a high level is much different than rolling around in the grass and throwing the pigskin around at a park with your friends. Watching an NBA team play basketball is much different than going to your local park and playing with the local Lebron James wannabe scrubs there. However, watching someone play Final Fantasy isn’t any different than you playing Final Fantasy yourself. You’re both playing the same game. There’s no difference. Meanwhile, there is a huge difference between watching an NBA game and playing basketball at your local park with whoever might be there.

Watching people play competitive games like StarCraft and Super Smash Bros. is more understandable, especially if you’re a competitive gamer yourself or aspire to be one and like to watch the best compete. Even though it’s still not my thing, that makes more sense.

So, the argument from gamers makes almost no sense, but it doesn’t really matter anyway. It was only harmless fun on Kimmel’s part and, predictably, some gamers completely overreacted and acted like the anti-social babies that they are. Like I said, I love the gaming community and gaming culture, including the passion gamers have to be able to sit and watch and study how others play games, even if it’s not my thing. Some just take things like this way too seriously.

I really love the Thief series and it is unfortunate that the series is in the hands of people who don’t seem to know what to do with it. I loved Thief: Deadly Shadows. I thought Ion Storm did a fantastic job with it. I loved The Dark Project and The Metal Age as well made by the fondly remembered Looking Glass Studios (RIP). I have not played the newest Thief reboot and am not that interested in doing so since I don’t believe the Thief series needed to be rebooted. It just needed to evolve. There was nothing dated or out of place with the characters or lore of the Thief series in today’s modern-day gaming environment.

Nintendo is releasing the smaller version of the New 3DS in North America in spite of the fact that their support for the system has been nothing short of paltry. After six months and promises from Nintendo for exclusive games for the system, New 3DS has a grand total of two exclusive games, both of them ports: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and The Binding Of Isaac. You can play better version of either one of these games on other systems. The moral of the story is, I’m glad I didn’t double-dip for a New 3DS. The only moderately appealing thing about the system that a normal 3DS XL doesn’t have is the face-tracking for better 3D. That’s not enough for me to drop the dollars for a brand-new system. Sorry Nintendo, you have to do better.