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Pokemon X and Y‘s revamped visual aesthetic is nothing short of a revolution for the series, but the franchise’s next evolution — which had its hands-on debut at Gamescom 2013 — doesn’t just look good for a Pokemon game; it looks good.

Every part of the game has received a significant visual overhaul. Playable and non-playable characters are rendered in more detail than the franchise has been capable of in the past. The game’s overworld looks and feels more alive and open, thanks to the fact that you’re not bound to moving in just the four cardinal directions anymore. Where the visuals really shine, however, is in combat, where Pokemon are presented in full 3D and with full animations.



Nintendo is preparing for the holiday.  They have some seriously stiff competition ahead of them this year with two major console launches coming from Sony and Microsoft.

Destructoid has learned of Nintendo’s upcoming plans to release a new Wii U bundle and new 3DS XL bundles. The information was revealed to us by a source at Target, a major North American retailer, where they were able to show us a firsthand account of their store’s inventory tracking system.

The Wii U bundle will contain the 32GB Deluxe version of the console, and come packed with The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD. This will retail for $349.99.

Additionally, our source revealed two new 3DS XL bundles for Pokemon X and Y. They’ll come in two colors, red and blue, with the color choices presumably being a nod to the original two Pokemon games that were released in America. The inventory listing didn’t specifically state which version of the games will be included with the different colored handhelds, but we can expect the bundles to retail for $199.99.

No release date was listed for either of the bundles, but we can assume they’ll be out this October as Pokemon X/Y will be out on October 12 release, while Wind Waker HD has an October window.

We reached out to Nintendo for a statement regarding this, to which they replied with “Nintendo does not comment on rumors and speculation.” Not an unexpected answer. We can probably expect an official reveal in the next month or so, most likely through a Nintendo Direct.


Interesting editorial in Kotaku about how the Pokemon RPGs have changed over the years.

I still remember how damned difficult it was to trade or battle other trainers in those early days, though. There were always a bunch of people who had the games, but having the proper gear at the right time limited how often the average person got to play with other people. Compare that to the 80 million trades completed since Diamond and Pearl, which was when Pokemon games started to let players communicate over the internet. And now that Pokemon X & Y is introducing the Player Search System—which allows players to be always connected—collecting, battling and trading has never been easier. And that’s exactly the “problem.”

I won’t say the days of Game Link and wireless adapters were convenient. Tech-wise, that stuff is archaic and inelegant compared to being a few taps away from communicating to other players. Yet, it’s exactly that ease that has made communication with other players lose the weird charm of having to have all the cables, of having to know someone else that was willing to sit down with you and battle or trade face-to-face.