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Courtesy of Kotaku:

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is working on a video game console. What a world we live in.

They say the console will be powered by the company’s Android operating system, and seems inspired partly by the relative success of other cheap, simple Android-based consoles like the Ouya and Gamestick.

Interesting, the WSJ says the other thing spurring Google on is a desire to get out in front of Apple, who they think will make gaming a big part of future Apple TV updates.

While the Ouya has taken some slack for poor performance, I’d be down with the idea of a Google console. Stock Android phones and tablets are some of the best you can get, so if Google can extend the same classy UI and performance – and maybe even Google Play Store functionality for movies and TV – to a cheap console, they might do OK.

A fourth console competing for market share in the industry?  I’m amazed the industry has been able to support three consoles for as long as it has.  It sounds like Google’s emphasis might be more on multimedia though.  We’ll see.