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Nintendo announces Pikmin 4 is almost completed. After having to wait nine years for Pikmin 3, Nintendo is telling us they’re now already almost done with Pikmin 4. That’s…..strange, but welcome. It makes you wonder why Nintendo took so long with Pikmin 3 and why it never was on the Wii. It would have been a perfect fit. I think the lack of games on Wii U played a part in getting Pikmin 4 out quickly, and I’m sure they had leftover ideas from Pikmin 3 that they wanted to use. The Wii U needs all the games it can get, so this is a good thing for Wii U owners.

And if Pikmin teams are always working on the next one like Miyamoto says, did it really take nine years for them to make Pikmin 3?


Nintendo is releasing the smaller version of the New 3DS in North America in spite of the fact that their support for the system has been nothing short of paltry. After six months and promises from Nintendo for exclusive games for the system, New 3DS has a grand total of two exclusive games, both of them ports: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and The Binding Of Isaac. You can play better version of either one of these games on other systems. The moral of the story is, I’m glad I didn’t double-dip for a New 3DS. The only moderately appealing thing about the system that a normal 3DS XL doesn’t have is the face-tracking for better 3D. That’s not enough for me to drop the dollars for a brand-new system. Sorry Nintendo, you have to do better.

The fight, in the pre-internet world, was that we were getting a lot of pressure from fans. Nowadays, you’d be buried under Twitter, NeoGAF — both of which I love, by the way — but those voices are even louder today than they were back then. It comes back to a lesson I learned a long time ago: always listen to your customer, but also understand that if you do focus testing what you’re going to hear is, “I want that thing you did last time, because that was awesome.” Every once in a while, you have to learn to not listen to that and go, “Actually, Metroid in firstperson we think could make more sense.” Great creatives are going to disrupt their earlier designs and make things that are new, or build completely new games or new genres.

While I agree with Lobb that sometimes you shouldn’t listen to fans, that depends on how strong of an idea you have as an alternative.  Nintendo is a very creative company that is responsible for some of the biggest innovations the video game industry has seen in its short history, so they can usually get away with it.  A company like Microsoft for example, which has squandered Rare and its IPs for the last 12 years or so, probably doesn’t have that same freedom.

*Smash Bros. for 3DS coming summer of 2014. Smash Bros. for Wii U coming winter of 2014.

*3DS version to run mostly at 6o fps.

*3DS version and Wii U version to have exact same roster lineup.

*Each game will have exclusive levels to play on.

*Each level in the Wii U version will have a completely flat “Final Destination” mode for hardcore players.

*Both versions will have online play.

*The 3DS version will have a Smash Run mode. It’s a battle run mode that allows you to power-up your character before battling.

…..and lots more.

After watching the Smash Direct, I would say it was pretty cool, but not mind-blowing. I think deep down part of me is still so bitter about Brawl’s awful, awful online mode, that I just can’t get that excited for this new game. The Final Destination mode for each level is cool and some of the new characters are cool, but this isn’t looking like a very big step up from Brawl. I think Sakurai should have gone into more detail as to how the 3DS and Wii U versions play together. 

The release date was sooner than I expected. I was expecting next year at the earliest. We’ll see if Nintendo can meet their release dates of this summer and winter.

I’ll buy both these games eventually most likely, but I don’t know if it will be on release day like I did with Brawl.

Nintendo needs this game for Wii U sooner rather than later.  Maybe we’ll get a release date or time frame.  But don’t hold your breath.