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This is unfortunate.  I believe Eternal Darkness on GameCube to be one of the most underrated games of the PS2/Xbox/GameCube generation of systems.  I’m kinda hoping Nintendo will just step in and offer to fund what is needed to make this game happen.  Nintendo published the first Eternal Darkness so they have the rights to the IP.

Shadow of the Eternals, the proposed spiritual successor to 2002’s Eternal Darkness, fell well short of its Kickstarter funding goal for a second time. Despite a more modest target of $750,000, the project attracted less than half that amount, or $323,950.

Shadow of the Eternals was to be made by Precursor Games, a studio formed from the remnants of Silicon Knights, developers of Eternal Darkness. Precursor opened its first Kickstarter back in may with a $1.35 million goal but shut it down two weeks before deadline when it had gathered less than 10 percent of the target.

Precursor promised to relaunch its Kickstarter and did so at the end of July, but this one, too, never gathered steam, despite bringing aboard David Hayter, the longtime voice of Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series. Precursor, in an update on the project’s Kickstarter page, said it will take a one week break before returning to upgrade its forum software to keep the community engaged.

“It is unfortunate that we were unable to crowd-fund this project at this time, but we have not given up,” Precursor said. “We intend to pursue other avenues with the ultimate goal of having our games come to fruition.”