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Nyamyam, a small indie developer made of Ex-Rare employees Phil Tossell, Jennifer Schneidereit, and Ryo Agarie, is making a game called Tengami for iOS, Mac, PC, and Wii U.

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I think most of the people who worked at Rare at the time were Nintendo fans and we loved working closely with Nintendo. Rare was also a close knit family and so it was something of a shock to suddenly become part of such a huge organisation as Microsoft. There was a severe culture clash which perhaps didn’t become apparent at first as Microsoft mostly allowed us to continue as we had always done. However as time passed and there were staff changes at MGS, together with Tim and Chris (Stamper) leaving, the culture changed and it began to feel more Microsoft and less Rare. While Rare continues to put out high quality games, for me it lost some of the spark that had made the company special.

I think at the moment the company is going through something of a rebirth as there are lots of new people and most of the old staff have left, so I’m excited to see what they do next. Whatever Rare does it will always hold a special place for me.


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The current generation of ‘enablers’ won’t even know they own the IP… Here’s a true story.. When Rare was first bought by MS a group of execs came on a tour.. One of them noticed the Donkey Kong. ..Posters everywhere and said.. ‘Hey that’s great.. We own Donkey Kong right??’ ………/massivesigh

Many gamers argue that Rare was already making subpar games when Nintendo sold them off, but I’m not one of those gamers.  Conker’s Bad Fur Day was one of the last games Rare made for a Nintendo system, and it was fantastic.  I would say it’s one of the best games on the Nintendo 64.  I don’t know how anyone could objectively say that Microsoft has had any idea what to do with Rare since they bought them.  Last I heard, Microsoft had the once-mighty creators of Goldeneye 007 working on Kinect games.  Sad.