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Courtesy of Polygon:

Former Xbox boss Don Mattrick will earn more than $19 million during his first year as Zynga CEO, according to SEC filings as reported by Reuters.The full SEC filing states Mattrick will receive a $5 million bonus on top of a base salary of $1 million and a 2013 bonus of $2 million. Additionally, he is due a stock-based compensation package worth $40 million over the next few years.

However to compensate for the shares lost after leaving his role with Microsoft, Mattrick will receive roughly nine million in restricted stock units with Zynga over the course of the next three years. As of now these shares are valued at just over $30.5 million. By the end of his first year with Zynga, Mattrick will receive over 45 percent of the nine million restricted stock units, which will be worth a rough $11.3 million. In total, his first year salary based on combined cash and stock will total $19.3 million.

Mattrick’s salary is believed to downsize in the following years with the company, according to Reuters. In his second year at Zynga, he is likely to make roughly $14.3 million, followed by about $8.4 million in his third year.

While Zynga has had difficulties over the past year, Mattrick’s arrival saw shares in the company up five percent on Wednesday.

That’s a LOT of money, but good for him.  It always makes me wonder when I hear stuff like this if these guys actually are gamers themselves.  I know the higher-ups at Nintendo do love games and play them.  Satoru Iwata, the president of Nintendo, used to be a game developer.  And I’m pretty sure Reggie from NOA plays games as well.  Sony and Microsoft though?  Do the guys in charge there actually play games regularly?