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Nintendo is releasing the smaller version of the New 3DS in North America in spite of the fact that their support for the system has been nothing short of paltry. After six months and promises from Nintendo for exclusive games for the system, New 3DS has a grand total of two exclusive games, both of them ports: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and The Binding Of Isaac. You can play better version of either one of these games on other systems. The moral of the story is, I’m glad I didn’t double-dip for a New 3DS. The only moderately appealing thing about the system that a normal 3DS XL doesn’t have is the face-tracking for better 3D. That’s not enough for me to drop the dollars for a brand-new system. Sorry Nintendo, you have to do better.


An all-black 3DS XL might finally be making its way to North America – at least in Canada. GoNintendo has uncovered a flyer from outlet Real Canadian Superstore that suggests the new color (for North America) will be on sale this Friday, July 26.

Bring over that nice, sexy silver 3DS XL while you’re at it too, Nintendo.