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Nintendo announces Pikmin 4 is almost completed. After having to wait nine years for Pikmin 3, Nintendo is telling us they’re now already almost done with Pikmin 4. That’s…..strange, but welcome. It makes you wonder why Nintendo took so long with Pikmin 3 and why it never was on the Wii. It would have been a perfect fit. I think the lack of games on Wii U played a part in getting Pikmin 4 out quickly, and I’m sure they had leftover ideas from Pikmin 3 that they wanted to use. The Wii U needs all the games it can get, so this is a good thing for Wii U owners.

And if Pikmin teams are always working on the next one like Miyamoto says, did it really take nine years for them to make Pikmin 3?


Nor anyone else at Nintendo for that matter.  It almost sounds like Miyamoto is saying he isn’t needed at Nintendo anymore.  He’s been hinting at retirement for months now.  I hope that’s not what he’s planning.  I hope instead he takes this as a chance to start personally directing games again.

Explaining how his role has changed, Miyamoto added: “I don’t have to look at every minute detail of every game any more. I know there’s going to be the level of quality that we expect under his supervision.

“Similarly we have Koizumi-san, who’s the producer or the Mario series and it’s the same type of situation. And certainly Konno-san with Mario Kart, too. And Mr Eguchi, producer of the Animal Crossing series. These are the main producers that we’ve trained who are talented enough and we can allow them to oversee the project and manage all the details and still maintain the Nintendo level of quality.”


*The cel-shaded style in Wind Waker was not Miyamoto’s idea originally.  It was Aonuma and his team’s idea.  They kept it hidden from Miyamoto for awhile, fearing he would not approve.

*Aonuma’s dream is for Miyamoto to tell him that a Zelda game he directed is so amazing, Miyamoto himself could not have even made it.

*Wind Waker HD for Wii U and A Link Between Worlds for 3DS is going to have a big impact on the new Zelda being worked on for Wii U.

*Aonuma has been directing three Zelda games simultaneously: A Link Between Worlds for 3DS, Wind Waker HD for Wii U, and the yet untitled, brand-new Zelda for Wii U.  He hasn’t had much time off with his family as a result.

*Normally, developing remakes of old games doesn’t excite him.  He’d rather make something new.  Wind Waker HD was an exception.

*Skyrim was not an influence on Wind Waker HD or any other Zelda game.